The trailer of ‘Riya’ directed by teacher Vijaya Naresh has been released on Teacher’s Day

We have seen actors, actresses, producers, music directors, choreographers become movie directors in Sandalwood. That’s why, businessmen, government employees have also done direction. Now a teacher has entered the film industry. What is special is that the trailer of the movie directed by him was released on September 5 on Teachers’ Day. So, who is that teacher? Vijaya Naresh. The name of the movie directed by him is ‘Riya’.

Originally from Andhra Pradesh, Vijaya Naresh directed the film ‘Riya’. Vijaya Naresh is also working as a teacher. Now he has realized his dream of making a movie. Her husband Kaniganda Naresh stands in support of his wife’s dream. ‘Riya’ is produced by Naresh.
The trailer of the film ‘Riya’ was released on the auspicious day of September 5th Teacher’s Day.

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After becoming famous through Bigg Boss, ‘Olle Boy’ Pratham, who is now gearing up to release ‘Nata Bhayankara’, has backed ‘Riya’. After releasing the trailer of the film, Vijaya Naresh has supported the couple. Also Pratap Simha, the hero of ‘Stabdha’ released the trailer of this film and wished the team all the best.

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Karthik Varnekar played the lead role in this movie. This is a horror movie. The story takes place in the same house of ED movie. That is the specialty of this movie. Here I acted in the lead role along with total 14 characters. Our film ‘Riya’ is releasing on September 16. See and wish’ he said.

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Savitri played the heroine in the film ‘Riya’. Elsewhere, Vikas, Shweta, Raj Uday and others have acted. Baby Ananya plays the role of ‘Riya’ in this film. Naresh, the producer of ‘Riya’ who is a photographer by profession, thanked the film crew and dignitaries. He said, ‘Riya’ will be released on September 16. May all your wishes for our film be there.

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