The release date of Dhananjay & Rachita’s ‘Monsoon Raga’ has been postponed! What is the reason?

The trailer and theme song of ‘Monsoon Raaga Movie’ starring ‘Dolly’ Dhananjay, Rachita Ram, Achyuth Kumar and Suhasini have caught everyone’s attention. This movie was directed by ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ fame S. Directed by Rabindranath and produced by Vikyath. Anoop Seelin has music direction for this movie. If all goes according to plan, the movie ‘Monsoon Raga’ should have hit the screens on August 19. The film team had made all preparations for it. But now everything has changed. ‘Monsoon Raga’ movie release date postponed.

Technical works pending

Our movie ‘Monsoon Raga’ was supposed to be released on August 19. But due to technical reasons we are putting it forward. Background music and sound effects work is pending. Because the movie is moving forward with the intention of making it better and giving people a good experience. So, sorry for delaying the release of the movie. Anoop Seelin sir made a lot of requests. In the movie, the sound of rain and music are mixed, we have to give a quality that gives thrill,’ said the producer of ‘Monsoon Raga’, Vikyath.

Monsoon Raaga: When is the release of ‘Monsoon Raaga’ starring Dolly Dhananjaya, Rachita Ram?
Quality should be improved
The feel of our movie is like a concert in the middle of rain. So we pushed the release date forward because the quality of the movie has to be increased. Anoop sir has asked for some time. Our aim is to give the audience a good experience in the cinema. Now, we are using the technology called anonymous projection for the movie ‘Monsoon Raga’. Due to all these reasons, technically we have postponed the movie ‘Monsoon Raga’ to make it even better,’ said producer A. R. Famous.

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Everyone has supported
‘You got stuck in the climax of the movie. I thought I would finish on time. But that is not possible now. It needs more time. So, everyone has cooperated. He said that it is important that the movie does well. Rachita Ram, Dhananjay are all supporting,’ said music director Anoop Seelin.

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