The poster of the movie ‘Thimmana Mottes’ has been released; This is a freshman effort

Born in Shimoga, Adarsh ​​Iyengar currently lives in America. However, he has a special love for his motherland. Although he is abroad, he often comes here and produces album video songs. Besides, Adarsh ​​is also a good singer. Adarsh ​​has now started a film production company named Shrikrishna Productions. Recently, he did four programs on one stage, including the launch of these productions and the announcement of the new film.

Famous writer and director Kaviraj, actor Praveen Tej, C.S. of Freedom App participated in this program. Sudhir, director Ramenahalli Jagannath etc. were the chief guests. Adarsh ​​Iyengar wished him all the best for his new endeavours. Adarsh ​​Iyengar organized four programs on one stage. The auspicious launch of Srikrishna Productions, the release of the video song ‘Hope’ with social concerns, the release of the book ‘Kadina Nentaru’ written by Rakshit Theerthahalli and the release of the poster of the film ‘Thimmana Mottelu’ were done.

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Speaking about the program, Adarsh ​​Iyengar said, ‘Earlier, I had released some video songs with Rakshit and Hemant Jois. An attempt was also made to give a good message to the society through these songs. Now I intend to produce tasteful films through the Srikrishna Productions production company that I have started. As my first attempt, I have started the film ‘Thimmana Mottes’. May you all be encouraged.’

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Rakshit Tirthahalli, the director of the film ‘Thimmana Mottelu’, said, ‘In 2016, I had directed the film ‘Hombanna’, which had a story of forest encroachment and conflict. After that, Sharavathi directed the film ‘Entha Kathe Maraaya’ about a project to bring water to Bangalore. That movie is ready for release. Now, as the third film, we are making the story ‘Thimmana Mottes’ from my ‘Kadina Nenderu’ story collection. I am going to direct this movie. In all my films I have tried to shed light on the lifestyle of the Western Ghats. Here too I am going to tell something new. We will start shooting soon.’ Hemant Jois is composing the music for this film.

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