The Kashmir Files: Singapore government bans film of The Kashmir Files ..!

Singapore: Singapore has banned The Kashmir Files The Indian government has banned minority Kashmiri Hindus in the wake of the brutal plot by the majority of Muslims against the minority Kashmiri Hindus.

The Kashmir Files Cinema in India is a super hit. In particular, pro-Hindu organizations and the BJP are promoting the film. The Kashmiri Files is a hot favorite of the right wing at the box office.

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The Government of Singapore has issued an official statement on the ban on The Kashmir Files. Muslims are depicted as attacking Hindus during the conflict in Kashmir. It may incite the public.

‘The characters and situations of this film can be a source of enmity among different communities. Social and religious harmony can be disrupted. The well-being of society can be worsened. Our country is a society of people of many communities, races and religions, ”the Singapore government said in its announcement.

There are 5.5 million people living in Singapore. The Chinese, Malays and Indians are the most important. Any act that disrupts racial and religious coexistence in Singapore is not taken lightly. Singapore has a law that severely punishes those who cause intolerance.

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In the case of The Kashmir Files, the film depicts the turmoil in Kashmir in 1989. Thousands of Kashmiri scholars migrate from Kashmir, leaving their home, their property and home in fear of raid and brutality on the part of Muslims.

The 170-minute film depicts the bloody history of Kashmir. The right wing views the film as evidence of the cruelty of Muslim invaders. There is an analysis of it being politically used as a weapon of right-wing polarization. The BJP is also encouraging people to watch The Kashmir Files. Several BJP ruling states have declared tax exemption for The Kashmir Files.

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