‘That’s what Yogaraj Bhatru wrote..’; Why did ‘Love 360’ director Shashank say this?

‘Galipata 2’ director Yograj Bhatt is famous not only as a director but also as a lyricist. He writes songs not only for his movies but also for other people’s movies. Those songs also have a history of being big hits. Now ‘Love 360’ director Shashank has made a comment about Yogaraj Bhatru. Music director Arjun told Janya that ‘Yograj Bhatru writes like that.’ Why did Shashank suddenly say this? Read on.

Yogaraj Bhat Song for Love 360 ​​movie
The movie ‘Love 360’ directed by Shashank is coming to the screens on August 19. Shashank, who has gained attention through movies like ‘Moggina Manasu’, ‘Kashnan Love Story’, and ‘Krishna Leela’, has now made a movie ‘Love 360’. Now Yogaraj Bhatt has written a song for this movie. This song which starts with ‘Jajang Jang..’ has been used as a promotional song by the film team. That song is now released.

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Shashank & Arjun Janya talks
In the beginning of this song there are scenes where Shashank and Arjun Janya talk. Shashank asks, ‘Let’s do a promotional song..’ Arjun Janya said, ‘What kind of song sir..? Have you written anything…’ he asks. To which Shashank said, ‘Nam Yogaraj Bhat Bardukottavre, which is world famous for such songs..’ Arjun Janya of the lyrics sheet. Seeing the ‘Jajang Jang…’ lyrics in it, Arjun asks, ‘Hangandre en sir..’. Then Shashank said, ‘Hey.. what are you?! That’s what Bhatru writes.

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This funny song is sung by music director Arjun Janya himself. Ravi Shankar Gowda also appeared in this song. Already the song ‘Jagave Tuy Garikaye..’ from this movie is a big hit. It has been viewed more than 1.20 crore times so far. This song is sung by Sid Sriram. Praveen is the hero for the first time and Rachana Inder of ‘Henge Namu’ fame is the heroine of this movie.

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Recently the trailer of this movie was released by ‘Hatrick Hero’ Sivarajkumar and appreciated the film team. In particular, he had given special appreciation to the song ‘Jagave Tunu Garikaye..’ sung by Sid Sriram.

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