Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi to star in Siddaramaiah biopic? Is it pre-election preparation?

Currently biopics are trending. Already, many biopics of movie stars, cricketers, politicians and professionals have come on the screen and have done well. Now there is a clamor for a biopic of opposition leader Siddaramaiah.

Vijay Sethupathi as Siddaramaiah
It is said that the Siddaramaiah biopic will come after the Siddaramaiah festival. Siddu’s supporters have written a story and screenplay about this. It is said that Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi will be seen in the role of Siddaramaiah in this film. Siddu’s supporters have already contacted Vijay Sethupathi, to which Vijay Sethupathi seems to have said OK in the preliminary stage.

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Siddaramaiah should give permission
Since Siddu’s supporters don’t have enough money to make a film, now the supporters are ready to make a Siddu biopic through the producers. It is heard that an MLA is going to invest money for this film. Siddaramaiah’s permission is needed to make this movie. This was discussed with Siddaramaiah once, but he also did not say OK.

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What about former minister Shivraj Thandagai?
Former Minister Shivraj Thangadagi who spoke about this said, “I am not doing a Siddu biopic, Siddu Sir OK means some people from North Karnataka are planning to make a film with a big budget on a pan India level. Sahebru OK means this film will hit the screens before the elections. Siddaramaiah’s popular projects, the film is about social concerns. It seems to be coming.”

“This movie is not being made for the sake of elections, his fans are hoping that this movie will come. There is no need to do this for elections. Siddaramaiah’s biography and political life will be in this movie. The script is also very good,” said Shivraj Thangadagi. The curiosity of who is the director of this film has started.

Talking about the biopic, Siddaramaiah said, “People from Kanakagiri constituency contacted me about a week ago to make a movie. I have not taken a decision about it yet. I don’t know how to act, I am not acting in a movie.”

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