Sumalatha appeals to Ambani fans – Mp sumalatha ambareesh upset with ambareesh fans


  • Fight for naming of roads & other demands in the name of Ambarish
  • Ambarish fans claiming on social networking sites
  • What is Sumalatha Ambarish’s appeal to Ambi fans?

Actress / MP Sumalatha has said on social networking sites that her fans would fight for the naming of roads and other demands in the name of Ambarish. Ambarish Theirs has been noticed. He posted about this on Facebook. “Presenting this issue in the present context would compromise Ambareish’s dignity and respect. It is not right to ask for any award.

He said, “Our beloved Dr. It has come to my attention on social networking sites that fanatics and other organizations that love Ambarish as an adorable goddess have been eagerly reminding them of Ambarish’s monument development, naming roads in his name and fighting for other demands. He had a great relationship with our family and was like our home son Puneet Rajkumar The tragedy of the tragic loss that has been lost on them is beyond words. ”

“With this, the loss of the cinema, the fans and the people of Karnataka has been an insurmountable loss. Therefore, it is not reasonable to propose this at this time. I respect your sentiments, but presenting this issue in the present context would compromise the dignity and respect of Ambarish. It is not right to ask for any award.

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“You have given our family such love and goodwill beyond all awards. Ambarish is not a person who wants any title, post or honor in his life. Thus, it is my hope that they too, as fans of Ambarish, should walk their way. Therefore, the fight or protest demanding the award at this time is a threat to Ambarish’s personality, ”Sumalatha said.

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“Therefore, respecting all their goodwill and affection, and relying on the honorable Chief Ministers that the Government will respond positively to your wishes in the near future, restore Ambarish’s third year of peace on May 24, in a spirit of peace. Sumalatha Ambarish said.

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