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The South Stars are in full form. Actresses Pooja Hegde, Samantha, Kiara Advani and others are competing against each other to get prominent roles in South Indian films.

Recently, South Indian cinema has been a box office success and the stars of these films are also gaining fame. They are not just limited to the local language but are well known in all the languages ​​of the country. In the meantime, the actresses are also competing for the star cast, which is a tough competition.

Pooja Hegde
Pooja Hegde tops the list of actresses competing to be the heroine of star actors’ films. Despite some unsuccessful films, she is one of the most popular actresses in the South. His next film is ‘Jana Gana Mana’ directed by Puri Jagannath and starring Vijay Deva. According to a report, Pooja Hegde is playing a leading role in the film. She is currently one of the highest paid actresses, earning Rs 3.75 crore for a film.

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Kiara Advani
Kiara Advani, who is currently Bollywood’s hottest busy actress, has many films in her hands. He is currently involved in the promotion of ‘Jug Jug Geo’ and has been nominated for South India’s famous director Shankar and Ram Charan Teja starrer ‘RC15’. He was paid a whopping Rs 4 crore. It is said that Kiara and Pooja compete with each other in this regard.

Siddharth Malhotra: Sharesha actor Siddharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani?
South Indian actress Samantha is currently working on ‘Yashoda’, ‘Shakuntalam’ and ‘Citadel’. They are said to be keeping an eye on the top films to sign for their next project.

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The work Sanon
While enjoying success in Bollywood, actress Kriti Sanon has made her way south through the Prabhas-starrer ‘Adipurush’. She is set to make her mark in the South film industry by being chosen as a heroine for films starring major heroes.

Keerthi Suresh
Actress Keerthy Suresh is a leading star in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam films. She is competing with other star actresses to get the chance for major movies.

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