Srujan Lokesh is all set to take a new step in the film industry; Presented by Sandesh Productions

Srujan Lokesh made a name for himself in the Kannada film industry as an actor, then as a presenter and as a producer. Srujan, the grandson of the first hero of Kannada cinema, Subbaiah Naidu, the beloved son of actor Lokesh and actress Girija Lokesh, has been in love with cinema since birth. Through Maja Talkies, Srujan built a huge audience for himself. Currently he is getting promoted in his career; It is as a director.

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Yes, Srujan, who has worked as an actor, producer, narrator and reality show judge for so long, is now all set to become a director. Sharing information about this on social media, he said, ‘Good start to the new endeavor with the blessings of senior producer Sandesh Nagaraj and senior artiste Girija Lokesh.
New film production under Lokesh Productions and Sandes Productions, more details coming soon. My first attempt as a director.. May your wishes always be with us’, wrote Srujan.

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Yes, this new movie directed by Srujan will be produced by Sandesh Productions. Besides, Lokesh Productions will also join hands in the production. Through this, Srujan is ready to take a new step. By the way, Srujan’s father Lokesh was also a director. He had directed the movie ‘Bhujangaiyana Dashavatara’. That movie got the state award. Lokesh also won the Filmfare Award for Best Director. Now his son has entered the direction. Along with the direction, he will also appear as the hero.

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Srujan is going to direct this movie which is a horror comedy. Srujan himself wrote the script for this and K.L. Rajasekhar will write the dialogues. Earlier he used to write scripts for ‘Maja Talkies’. Rajasekhar also wrote dialogues for the film ‘Robert’. This is a sure entertaining movie, especially the family audience will like it.

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Also, Srujan’s mother, veteran actress Girija Lokesh will also be seen in this movie. It remains to be seen who else is there. Bigg Boss winner Chandan Shetty will compose music for this yet-to-be-titled movie. H.C. Venu will be the cinematographer for this movie.

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