Srinagara Kitty: Srinagara Kitty will star as the villain opposite Vinod Prabhakar

Actor Vinod Prabhakar is now busy with many movies. He is producing the movie ‘Lankasura’ himself. Meanwhile, Vinod has painted in ‘Madeva’. What is special is that a new artist has entered this movie. who is Srinagar kitty. Yes, Srinagar kitty is active in the film industry after a short gap. Experimenting with new types of characters. He is currently appearing as a villain in the movie ‘Madeva’.

Kitty Villain for Vinod
Kitty is seen as the villain in Madeva directed by Naveen Reddy. Already 50% shooting of the movie ‘Madeva’ has been completed. Now Kitty is also involved in the shoot. The team has revealed what his look will be like. Inspired by real events, the story of this movie will take place in the period of 1965, 1980 and 1999. Looks like Vinod Prabhakar will be seen in a never seen before look. This movie is directed by R. Produced by Keshav (Devasandra), Sumanth will also work as a producer. This movie is being produced under the banner of Radhakrishna Pictures. Actress Shruti and Achyut Kumar will be seen in lead roles.

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Vinod Prabhakar and Sonal Monthero, who were loved by the audience for their roles of Raghav and Tanu in the movie ‘Robert’, will also appear together in the movie ‘Madeva’. ‘I did not think that our couple would get such a huge level of popularity. Seeing that Raghav-Tanu pair of ‘Robert’ became a hit, many producers said that let’s cast them as the heroine in your film. Vinod Prabhakar said that if people recognize us through our roles, then we get extra respect. Now this pair is united once again through the movie ‘Madeva’. Sonal, a middle-class girl of the 80s, will be seen in this movie. ‘Madeva’ movie with emotional and mass element content of the 80s will be set in the back drop of a train and a jail.

Vinod Prabhakar, the ‘baby tiger’ of the stylish ‘Lankasur’
Balakrishna Thota, who worked as an assistant to the cinematographer of Baahubali and RRR films, Senthil Kumar, is working as a cinematographer for the film ‘Madeva’. Pradyothan is directing the music and the shooting of this movie will be done in Bangalore, Shimoga, Dharwad and Hyderabad.

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Kitty in a row of movies
Besides, Srinagar Kitty is also busy in many movies. His movie ‘Gauli’ is making a lot of noise from the teaser itself. Similarly, in the film ‘Veeram’, Kitty has painted. Acknowledging the roles of hero and villain, Srinagar kitty has been active in many movies.

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