‘Singara Siriye Angalinale Bangara Ageva Maye..’; This is a comedy story of ‘Kantara’ effect

Nagaraj. M
“Hey Nagesh, how much mud has covered your bike… can you do a little wash? Besides, today is new moon… go and wash it with some water..’ when mom shouted from the kitchen and said… ‘Oh, didn’t you wash and do puja for Dussehra earlier… again? Do you want to do it… for this 20 year old Yamaha RX bike…?” After muttering, I came out, watered well, washed, dried clothes and sat down.

When someone said “hi” to her, she looked up and saw that she was gesturing with her hand saying, “Padma, the house next door… Is this me or someone else?” Hi, I turned around and said to her… with some confusion in my mind… Yakirbodu..? I was surprised…!

“Nice bike..” When she said nicely, Ella’s..? Dina saw my bike and said “Shh!” She used to turn her face to ashes, what is going on today..? I scratched my head.

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“Missed the bus today. Will you drop me to college..?” When Anta said, “Ya ya..letting go…dropping here and there.” One look at me from top to bottom, “All this dress…?” When Anta asked with her eyes, “Okay, put on your jeans, Bertini, stay here.” When she left… “No pants, a new lungi would be nice.” When Padma said… “What news?” Such eyes were heard.

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“No, in that movie, if Shiva wears a lungi and rides a bike, it’s fine if he’s hungry” he heard. It was gone in a flash.

Gari gari ram raj panche utta my single kick RX bar anta start like that. “Okay, sit down, our roads are full of low bumps.. you are stuck, sit tight, like Kantara Leela, safety is the most important thing for women..

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When I hit the bump in our smart city Davangere road and hit the brakes, when her soft body touched my back, when her curls flew in the air and touched me, and when her hot breath hit me… oh oh oh oh oh beautiful Siriye… smile… haha Nalumeya…Shravan Masa..’Unknowingly, the lines of that song rose in my mind…!

“Rishabh Shetrey, by making this Kantara movie, I don’t know how much percentage you have increased the price of our art in Karnataka… but more than that, if you have done that, “the price of my RX bike alone has increased by 100%…” I don’t know whether to thank you.. all three of us once. Come on, give me two special extra buttery dosa party..” Anta was saying to herself, her college was in front of the gate.

Once she got off the bike and rode it, she said, “Do you pick up in the evening?” Ask me “Berla?” When I left, I said “Ok… there are dogs there… there are some stupid boys… be careful..”… “Hey Paddu, thanks haa” I said loudly. “Ree, what’s wrong with you… in the morning… get up?” I said, pulling the water-covered bed sheet and looking at the woman standing there, my eyes narrowed. “Who said that, then thanks?” Her question made her sleepy.

“Oh Peddu, is that you…Thanksgiving wishes…I was saying, but I just got bored…Are you ready for early morning shopping…? Get ready, you’ll go soon” (change the topic) …you are my gold..give me a kiss and get coffee…you too get ready” she said and left inside.

“That’s my RX bike, paddu next door… her hot breath… what else should Chanda Mama show her” hey!

“Well …thanksgiving vices for you too huh..” Burla?

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