Shivrajkumar, Upendra, Ramesh Aravind say ‘Galipata 2’ trailer is super

Directed by Yograj Bhatt and starring ‘Golden Star’ Ganesh, Diganth and Pawan Kumar in lead roles, the pre-release event of Ramesh Reddy’s ‘Galipata 2’ was held in a grand manner recently. Dr Shivrajkumar, ‘Real Star’ Upendra, Ramesh Arvind, Karnataka Board of Film Commerce President Bhama Harish, Distributors Venkat (KVN), Supreet, Producers K. Manju, Sanjay Gowda, Actor Shreyas K. Many dignitaries including Manju came to this function and wished him well.

“Galipata 2 trailer released by Shivrajkumar. The trailer is solid. Yogaraj Bhatt and Ganesh combination will charm again. Diganth, Pawan and the heroines are all well acted. Especially Pawan looks very cute. Arjun Janya’s music is beautiful. I remember AR Rahman when I see him. Next I am playing the lead in Arjun Janya’s 45. Ramesh Reddy is producing the film. Let Kite 2 be a huge success,” Sivarajkumar wished.

This is going to be a film that will give good entertainment to the viewers as one of the dialogues of this film. Yogaraj Bhatt and Ganesh Jodi ‘Galipata’ was a success. ‘Galipata 2’ has also already won through songs and trailer. Ramesh Aravind wished that the film will also be a huge success.

Everyone has spoken. What more can I say. Yogaraj Bhatt is popular as a director, lyricist and conversationalist. The trailer of this film is proof of that. Real star Upendra said that this film, which has been made in the association of good producers, artists and technicians, will be a huge success.

“There have been many films in the combination of me and Bhatt. But I had never called him about any film. But after the dubbing of this film, he called me and told me that he has done a wonderful film and congratulated me. Indeed, ‘Galipata 2’ is very good. I wish you all to see it,” said Golden. Star Ganesh.

What did actress Vaibhavi Shandilya and Nishvika Naidu say about the movie ‘Galipata 2’?

Director Yograj Bhatt said, “I am a person who believes that the relationship found on the road is more than blood relation. It was because of that friendship that the movie ‘Chadipata’ was made fourteen years ago. Now, ‘Chadipata 2’ is also made with the same friendship. I believe that all my friends in Karnataka will win after seeing our film ‘Chadipata 2’ which is releasing on August 12.”

Yogaraj Bhatt has made a good film. The team has worked very hard to make this film so good. My thanks to all. I am very happy that Shivanna, Upendra and Ramesh sir have come to our function. Seeing all of them, I forgot the movie Kite 2. Producer Ramesh Reddy said, “Thank you very much to everyone who came to wish our film.

KVN Productions in association with the cast of ‘Galipata 2’; What could be the reason?

Pawan Kumar, Sharmila Mandre, Nishvika, Vaibhavi, Rangayana Raghu, Sudha Belawadi etc. who have acted in the film spoke about their roles. Arjun Janya explained the music, Santhosh Rai Pataje the cinematography and Dhanu Master the choreography.

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