Shivrajkumar & Prabhu Deva should remember cinema: Yogaraj Bhatt

The opening ceremony of ‘Production No. 47’ by Rockline Venkatesh was held at Rockline Studio under the Rockline Entertainment logo which has given many hits to Kannada cinema. Starring ‘Karunada Chakravarti’ Dr Shiva Rajkumar and Indian Michael Jackson Prabhu Deva, the film is being directed by renowned director Yogaraj Bhatt.

Geetha Sivarajakumar’s opening scene for the first scene of the film. Pushpakumari Venkatesh was driving the camera.

“My friendship is over 30 years old. I have been friends and became producers. I am happy to be working in such a production company and directing Yogaraj Bhatt. I am excited to be working with India’s renowned dancer Prabhudev in July.” “Yogaraj Bhat has a good story. It is a story with all kinds of fun, emotion and action and drama.

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“I am very happy today. It was a year of cinema making. It was our first film after Corona. It was a pleasure to work with Shivanna. He wanted a good story to make. It is also a good message.
Glad to have such a good story. Prabhu Deva is also happy to be working in our film. All must come together. “There is no doubt that the film is well-received by Yogaraj Bhatt, music by V. Harikrishna, Santhosh Rai Pathaje and photography by Shivrajkumar – Prabhu Deva.” .

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When I told the producer the story, whenever we drink water, this film should be remembered. Then I did another story. “Rockline,” he said, “is a story of water. I have been a fan of Shivanna ever since. I still remember the movie Ratha Saptami in Anavatti in a crowd.
You have been telling Shivanna for 2 years. Writing is about changing. After 2 years we have got the story ready. Fun, Emotion and Brilliant Brilliant Action Drama. I was working as a spectator rather than a technician in this film. This is my proudest moment. Shivarajakumar and Prabhu Deva are both good actors. The encouragement they both have for our film is immense. Working with such diggers, I am learning something, ”said director Yogaraj Bhatt.

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