Shivanna released the trailer of ‘Love 360’; ‘Aa’ singer Andre ‘Century Star’ likes Sikkapatte!

‘Century Star’ Shivarajkumar always encourages new talents. Release the teaser and trailer of their movies and wish them all the best. Now the popular director Shashank has made a movie ‘Love 360’, in which new talents Praveen and Rachana Inder have appeared as hero and heroine. Shivanna, who has released the trailer of this movie, has said ‘all the best’ to the film team. Shivanna also talked about a popular singer.

What did Shivanna say after seeing the trailer?
Shashank is my favorite director. Shashank and I have been thinking for a long time that we should do a film together. Once he also told me a story. Somehow it didn’t take off. But we will make the film as soon as possible. Now, talking about ‘Love 360′, the trailer was very good. Usually directors go looking for stars. But Shashank chooses whoever he wants for his story and creates a star. That is his speciality,’ said Shivanna.

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‘When I saw Praveen, the hero of this movie, I didn’t think it was his first movie. Shashank and Arjun Janya combination is always good. It is also proved here. Arjun Janya is my favorite music director. I felt the screenplay was very tricky in this. Love and action are all there. Kannada cinema needs new heroes. We should be supporting them,’ said Shivarajkumar.

Love 360: Another song from the movie ‘Love 360’ released in memory of ‘Moggina Manasu’
Sid Shriram Andre Nangishta
Another plus point of this movie is Sid Sriram. I like his voice very much. I am a big fan of his voice. In this, he sang the song ‘Jagave Tu Garikkaye…’. There is something special about Sid Sriram’s voice, said Shivanna. Sid Sriram sang a song from Shivanna’s ‘Bajrangi 2’.

‘Love Mocktail’ actress Rachana Inder stars in ‘Love 360’ movie MBBS boy Praveen
Shivanna watches the movie
We thought that the trailer should be launched by Shivanna in the program. He couldn’t because he was shooting. So, we went to the sets ourselves and launched the trailer online. Very happy to see the trailer. Director Shashank said that he saw this movie in the cinema.

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