Shivaji Surathkal 2: ‘Shivaji Surathkal 2’ teaser gift for actor Ramesh Aravind’s birthday

Birthday celebration for multi-lingual actor Ramesh Aravind on September 10. This time the birthday special is the movie ‘Shivaji Surathkal 2’. Yes, the first teaser of Ramesh Aravind starrer ‘Shivaji Surathkal 2’ has been released. This teaser was released on the occasion of Ramesh’s birthday. ‘Worked with a good team. Actor Ramesh Aravind says ‘Shivaji Surathkal 2’ should be supported by you.

This is the first time doing the same role 2nd time!
‘My friendship with you has been three decades. I have done many roles in these thirty years. But he is doing the same role for the second time only in ‘Shivaji Surathkal 2’. I have known director Akash Srivat for 15 years. He also worked with me in the film ‘Occident’. He is a brilliant director. This is a very good team’ said the captain Ramesh Aravind.

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What did the director say about the film?
The inspiration for Part 2 was the praise received for the film ‘Shivaji Surathkal’ released two years ago. The theater got locked down while our film was running well. Everyone knows what happened next. After a lot of discussions with Ramesh Aravind, the movie ‘Shivaji Suratkal 2’ got underway. Making the second part is not so easy. As everyone has a mobile phone, the viewer is paying attention to small things. He immediately informs that this is a mistake. Akash Srivatsa said that the responsibility of making a film is on the director keeping all that in mind.

What is the story of Ramesh Aravind starrer ‘Shivaji Surathkal 2’ which covers 3 periods?
The story of this movie is very good. Surely it will be appreciated by all. We have released a teaser for Ramesh Aravind sir’s birthday. This is not a picture of me. A team film’ said director Akash Srivatsa. Rekha KN and Anoop Gowda have produced this movie under the banner of Anjanadri Cine Creations. Judah Sandy has given music for this movie and Darshan-Gurprasad has done the cinematography.

‘Mallu Janaki’ actor Rakesh Maya joins Ramesh Aravind’s ‘Shivaji Surathkal 2’
Radhika Narayan as Ramesh’s wife
I acted as Ramesh Aravind’s wife in this movie. So, you told the director Akash Srivatsa to do part two and three like this,’ said actress Radhika Narayan. Actress Meghana Gaonkar has acted as a police officer. His long time dream of acting with Ramesh has now come true.

Besides, Nazar, Aaradhya, Ramesh Bhatt, Srinivas Prabhu, Shobharaj, Vidya Murthy, Veena Sundar, Raghu Ramankoppa, Madhura Gowda etc. have acted in ‘Shivaji Suratkal 2’.

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