Shilita Shrivatsav leaves daughter gilt after shooting

Shubha Vikas, Vidya
Daughter is a love that I have for all moms. Ever since she was born and brought home from the hospital, I have taken care of her bath, clothes and food. To that extent, I have not accompanied Madani Nani or my helpers. I did not accept any cinema until my daughter Ashmita was two years old. Gradually, I began to accept films that I wanted to focus on throughout my professional life.

In the early days of shooting, I left her in the morning with Mum-Dad while shooting in Bangalore. Once she called the video to talk to her, the loud mother-in-law did not stop for two hours. He did not make the mistake of calling from the shooting set. When shooting in the distance, you have to be away from home for days. Can’t stay away from daughter that day. It’s hard for her, too. The only condition I began to put into the film that I was choosing was that my daughter and I would come with me to the outdoor shooting, to provide them with a safe, comfortable stay. Whenever this happens, she is not taken to the shooting set. She must be safe, and I should do justice to the character. So she stays with Mom.

Shwetha Srivatsav: Actress Shweta Srivatsav in female lead cinema; What is the story of this movie?
I have done 3 movies since she was born. I am still in the village environment to shoot ‘Chikki Muguthi’. I get up at five in the morning and leave her fingertip soft. One time she woke up and cried, ‘Mom, don’t go shooting.’ Somehow calm down and leave. The consolation of not leaving and staying nearby. It’s all about keeping the gilt away from the daughter. Feeling like this, is this gilt haunting only females?

Shweta Srivatsav, the heroine of Jaggesh in ‘Raghavendra Stores’
The daughter of Raghavendra Stores was once a set. Then she said, “I have not given you your clothes. She’s a little older now, understands. She said, “Act like you, I’ll direct you.” It does not bother me whether coming with me will cause her to indirectly influence the field. There is a long time for that. I grow up not being that kind of influence. Above all, her choice of path is hers.