‘Set and write’ each story of the life of five friends; When is the release?

Ramenahalli Jagannath’s much awaited movie ‘Hundisi Dhruhi’ is ready for release. The movie is hitting screens across the state on November 18. The film has a very large and colorful cast, Praveen Tej, Aishani Shetty, Samyukta Horanadu, Sri Mahadev, Bhavana Rao, Naveen Shankar, Archana Jois in the lead roles.

The story of the story woven around the thread of life is the journey of life that goes along with the conditions. The film has a story of the lives of five friends. There is also an emotional journey. This film, which has already attracted attention through the samples of the film, has raised expectations among the cynics. The promotion work of the film is going on in full swing and the film team has confirmed the date for the release of the film on November 18 across the state.

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There are eight songs in the film and already one song has been released and it has been appreciated by all. The film team has planned to release the trailer in October. First movie of director Jagannath. He has experience working in Rockline Production. Besides writing the story and directing the film, he also produced the film.

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Shanti Sagar HG camera direction, Joe Costa music direction for the film. K. Kalyan, Hridayasiva and director Ramenahalli Jagannath wrote the lyrics for the songs of the film. The film has the dialogues of Masti, Prashanth Rajappa and director Jagannath of Tagaru fame. Ramenahalli Jagannath and his friends produced the film under Sunday Cinemas banner. The movie has a big star cast including Sunil Puranik, Praveen D Rao, Dharmendra Aras, Nanjunde Gowda, Sudha Narasimharaju.

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