Satish Neenasam, singer All OK released the album song ‘Hey Bro’

Suraj Mukesh, who has been interested in acting since a young age, made his debut in the album song ‘Hey Bro’. Recently this album song release and Tanvi Pictures banner launch ceremony was held. The song ‘Hey Bro’ has been released by Anand Audio. Actor Ninasam Satish and famous singer ALL OK released the video song ‘Hey Bro’.

Actor Pramod and renowned producers from the film industry unveiled the banner of Tanvi Pictures. Dhanya Ramkumar, Ananya Shetty, Sharanya Shetty and director Mahesh Kumar, Anand of Anand Audio, etc. wished the ceremony well.

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Sooraj has acted well in this song. When something needs to be done, it should be done. If you have that kind of chala, you will surely get victory. Actor Ninasam Satish wished good luck to Sooraj and Tanvi Pictures. Actor Pramod and ALL OK are also his. Suraj wished Mukesh with encouraging words.

I saw the shoot while studying in the hostel. A lot of people used to come there to see the actors and actresses. Ever since then I have been interested in acting. My parents fulfilled my wish today. I acted in this song as a first step. Suraj Mukesh thanked the dignitaries who have come here and the team who helped make the song beautiful.

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Our daughter’s name is Tanvi. Today is her birthday. So today we started ‘Tanvi Pictures’. As the first step of this, we have released the album song ‘Hey Bro’ featuring our son Suraj. If we get a good story, we will also make a movie. Producer Sumitra Mukesh said, May you all be encouraged. Businessman Mukesh was also present at this time.

The song “Hey Bro” is written and directed by Ricky Gautham. Vijith Krishna has not only composed the music but also sung the lyrics.

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