Samantha: Why did actress Samantha come with japamani in her hand during the ‘Shakunthalam’ press conference?

Samantha: Why did actress Samantha come with japamani in her hand during the ‘Shakunthalam’ press conference?
Actress Samantha spoke at the press conference of the movie ‘Shakuntalam’, thanked everyone for their love and cooperation, and said that no matter what, I have never lost my love for the movie. Amidst this, Samantha, who was adorned in a white saree, could see a religious thread in her hand. Some people are eager to know the reason behind this religious trend.

Samantha came to the ‘Shakunthalam’ movie press conference in an organza saree costing more than 48 thousand rupees. He also wore a glass. He is currently suffering from a rare disease and has surprised many people by wearing a religious rosary. There is still no official answer as to whether Samantha is actually chanting or holding the positive vibesgoskara japamani in her hands.

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A netizen commented that Samantha is not beautified like before, she is not glowing. Samantha, who always hits back at trolls, said, “I pray that you will never have to undergo the kind of treatment and medicine that I have received for months. A little love from my side to you to make you shine..”

The movie ‘Shakunthalam’, which has a mythological storyline, will be released in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi languages. Dil Raju has invested in this movie.

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Speaking at the press conference, Samantha said, “For some people, cinema is a part of life. But for Gunasekhar, cinema is life. I came to this press conference out of respect and admiration for director Gunasekhar. When we listen to the story, we hope that it will come out wonderfully. But sometimes, magic happens beyond our imagination.” After watching ‘Shakunthalam’ I felt that magic. How much I love cinema and how much cinema loves me has never changed. I believe your love for me will increase through ‘Shakunthalam’,” actress Samantha was also emotional.

Samantha: During the press meet of the film ‘Shakunthalam’, Samantha was emotional and in tears; what happened

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