Samantha: Myositis Disease: Treatment for Samantha in South Korea?

Samantha: Myositis Disease: Treatment for Samantha in South Korea?
Samantha is a popular actress in Kollywood and Tollywood. Actress Samantha, who is in high demand in the film industry, is suffering from a rare disease. Samantha is being treated for myositis. Actress Samantha is also likely to fly to South Korea for further treatment.

Yes..Actress Samantha was recently admitted to the hospital suffering from myositis. He had also received treatment in the US. Now there are reports that actress Samantha will fly to South Korea for further treatment.

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Samantha who informed about the disease
“A few months ago, I came to know that I have a disease called Myositis. I thought that I should inform about this only after healing from this. But this problem is taking more time to heal than we thought. But the doctor has assured me that I will be completely cured soon,” said Samantha a few days ago.

Also, when Samantha was asked about her health, she said, “I have seen some people say that my health condition is very worrying. I’m not dead either. Actress Samantha also said that it is not right to talk about my health like this.

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Thus, myositis can cause fatigue, muscle pain, breathing problems, and difficulty eating and drinking. There are only a few treatments available for myositis. Good treatment for myositis is available in South Korea. Thus, it is said that Samantha has decided to seek treatment in South Korea on the doctor’s advice.

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Samantha in the news
Samantha is in news after her divorce from Naga Chaitanya. Samantha was devastated when she was diagnosed with myositis. At this time, Naga Chaitanya called Samantha and inquired about her health.

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Samantha has movies in hand
Samantha’s movie ‘Yashoda’ was released recently. The film ‘Yashoda’ received good response. Samantha currently has ‘Shakunthalam’ and ‘Khushi’ in her hands.

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