Salaar: Udal Babu Pramod of ‘Ratnan Munchka’ joins the film team of ‘Salar’

(Harish Basavaraj)
Pramod, who played the role of Udal Babu in the movie Ratnan Manacha, is currently one of the busy actors of Sandalwood. This role gave Pramod an opportunity to act in the big budget movie ‘Salar’. Yes, Pramod is now playing a special role in the movie ‘Salar’.

Pramod, who was popular on television, entered the silver screen through the movie ‘Geeta Bangle Stores’. He played a wonderful role in the movie ‘Premier Padmini’. Now he is playing the lead role in ‘Saalar’.

Prashant Neel had called after seeing the movie Ratnan Mancha. He also appreciated my acting. He also said that he has a role in the movie ‘Salar’. After so many days, the photo shoot is over. Can’t say about my role, but a very different one. Seeing my acting, Neil was happy and said, I am acting very well. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such a great director. Especially when he praised my acting, I felt that there is no one more lucky than me,’ says actor Pramod.

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The shooting of the movie ‘Bond Ravi’, in which I am the hero along with Salar, has been completed. The post production work is going on and the release date will be announced soon. This is a character with a very good story. The way director Prajwal has written the story and brought it to the screen, everything is special. It is my firm belief that whatever I feel while listening to the story, the audience will also feel it’, says Pramod.

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In ‘Saalar’, Pramod played a role alongside Prabhas and Prithviraj. Like ‘Ratnan’s world’, he is constantly talking in ‘Salar’ as well. Seeing Pramod’s acting, director Prashant Neel seems to have expanded his role a little. A few more dialogues seem to have been written down.

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