Sai Pallavi: Kishore Stands For Sai Pallavi Support

Actress Sai Pallavi is in the spotlight now. On the one hand, Sai Pallavi’s new movie ‘Virata Parvam’ is being released. Sai Pallavi’s statement, on the other hand, is controversial. In an interview with a YouTube channel during the promotion of ‘Virata Parvam’, Sai Pallavi has spoken about the assassination of Kashmiri Pandits by the assassin. Sai Pallavi held the view that both killings were the same if looked at religiously. With these words, Sai Pallavi became the focus of the controversy.

After the controversy, Sai Pallavi clarified his statement. “I believe that violence in any way and in the name of any religion is a great sin,” Sai Pallavi said.

Sai Pallavi’s statement on the assassination of Kashmiri Pandits; Actress Rama, who stands for ‘Lady Power Star’
Kannada actor Kishore Kumar is now backing Sai Pallavi’s support. Actor Kishore Kumar queried via social media: “Whatever the reason, the mentality of murder is the same and is it wrong?”

Prakash Raj to back Sai Pallavi The actor said ‘before humanity ..’
Facebook post by Kishore Kumar
“It’s not the government’s job to shut the mouth. Is it wrong for people to be concerned about cinema? Whatever the reason, the mood for murder is the same and it is wrong. Is it wrong for our society to be a measure of the well-being and dignity of our minorities? Is it wrong for caste religions to live? Is it wrong to use food as a hate tool by bans on one’s diet? It is enough for the media to learn from the stance of humanity. Asked by Facebook, actor Kishore Kumar, if the media were looking at social commitment in the mirror of bigotry, during the Gokhak movement, Raj Kumar would shut his mouth?

Sai Pallavi Clarification: No one has the right to take another’s life: Sai Pallavi
Actor Kishore Kumar
Kishore Kumar is a talented actor who has acted in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films. ‘Kandhi’, ‘Rakshasa’, ‘Akash’, ‘Deadly Soma’, ‘Vishnu Sena’, ‘Gondagali Kumaramara’, ‘Kallarali Flowering’, ‘Duniya’, ‘Bull’, ‘Storm’, ‘Attasaha’, ‘Jatta’ Kishore Kumar has acted in films like ‘The rest of us have seen’, ‘Giriyagalin giriyalikal’.

Kishore Kumar has acted in many films including Telugu ‘Happy’, Tamil ‘Polladaavan’, ‘Vamsham’, ‘Haridas’ and Malayalam’s ‘Puli Murugan’.

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