Rupayi Movie: Krishi Tapanda starrer ‘Rupayi’ movie song release

Actress Krishi Tapanda recently acted in the movie ‘Lanke’. Now he has acted in another new movie which is titled ‘Rupayi’. The shooting of this ‘Rupayi’ movie is already complete. Also, the song ‘Kareide..’ from the film has been released recently. Vijay Jagdal has directed this movie. Besides, he has also acted as a hero in this movie.

Anand Raja Vikram composed the music for ‘Rupayi’ and the now released song ‘Kareide…’ was written by Utsav Gonwar. This song is released by Anand Audio. This song is sung by Ananya Bhatt. Sharing information about the film, actor/director Vijay Jagdal said, ‘I am basically a theater artiste. He came with a dream to become an actor. I spent 3.5 rupees and made a promotional video to show the producer about my dream. Producers Manjunath and Harish liked this video and offered to invest money. After that, this film started’, he says.

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‘As the title of this film says, this film, which tells about the importance of money, has comedy and sentiment. The story revolves around five main characters. I, Krishi Tapanda, Yashvik, Chandana Raghavendra and Rama Chandan played the lead roles. I directed it myself. Now the song is released. The team aims to release the film in November. Hope we have made a good movie. Actor/director Vijay Jagdal appealed to all of you to support us.

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‘Thank you to the director for giving me a good role in this movie,’ said actress Krishi Tapanda. RD Nagarjuna has done the cinematography for this movie. Edited by Shivraj Mehu. Yashwanth Shetty, Girish also worked as producers. Sunidini is the executive producer of this film.

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