rrr movie release date: Rajamouli who came to Bangalore and released RRR movie song; Why is Jakkannah apologizing to Kannadigara? – director ss rajamouli speaks about jr ntr ram charan starrer rrr movie


  • Rajamouli, who came to Silicon City for the film ‘RRR’
  • Rajamouli says, ‘You have to forgive me for two things.’
  • ‘RRR’ is set to hit the screens on January 7

Jewel. Starring NTR and Ram CharanRRR‘The cinema has already raised a great air. The film is set to be released on January 7th. He had come to Bangalore in that background Rajamouli, Released the song ‘Janani ..’ He had come to Bangalore, released the song and talked about the song. He started talking in Kannada and surprised everyone by saying, ‘You should forgive me for two things.’

‘First of all, it’s about my Kannada. Don’t speak so well. Secondly, now I am not giving any interview to anyone. This program is not a promotion of cinema. The Janani song is the soul of our RRR cinema. I have come to acquaint you with that spirit. The trailer will be released next month. Then we decided to make a grand pre-release event in Bangalore. Ram Charan, Ju. There will be a whole team including NTR, Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt. I am only talking about the song ‘Janani ..’ from our movie. There is an emotion in this song. There is nothing I can do without emotion .. ‘

‘RRR’ cinema announcements have been doubling since then. Jr. NTR, Ram Charan, Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt and Shriya Sharan are two of the biggest stars of the movie. ‘Dosti ..’ and ‘Village Natu ..’ is another song called ‘Janani ..’ which is sounding terrific.

Salman Khan- Rajamouli visit; This is something that cinematographers thrill!
What is the song ‘Janani ..’?
Every frame of the song ‘Janani ..’ is a wonderful addition. This is the first video song of this movie. Music Director MM Keyboard music is gung-ho. Scenes between rage and fear make viewers feel awkward. The 3 minute 10 second song ‘Janani ..’ takes you to a different world. Senthil Kumar captures every scene neatly in camera eyes. Released in Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam, the song “Janani” has got a good response and the movie has been a huge success.

Rajamouli keeping an eye on the New Year; ‘RRR’ Movie Release Date Changed Again!

RRR Cinema Program in Karnataka

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