rrr movie: Kannada actor who made a cameo appearance in Rajamouli’s RRR movie! – actor and art director arun sagar plays cameo in jr ntr ram charan starrer rrr movie


  • RRR Cinema which is set to go on worldwide premises on January 7th
  • This is a cinema that has been pointed out by the majority
  • Kannada actor paints in ‘RRR’ movie Who is it?

Harish Basavaraj
Rajamouli Directed ‘RRRActor Arun Sagar has made a cameo appearance in the film. Rajamouli and Kannada have long ago. It is also said that their original Raichur. Kannada actor Sudeep was in the movie ‘Now’ which he directed. He also acted in Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali’. Now, another Kannada actor has painted Rajamouli’s RRR cinema. Who is it? Actor / Art Director Arun Sagar!

Theater talent Arun Sagar has made a name for himself as an actor and art director in Kannada cinema. When Arun Sagar was invited for a cameo from the ‘RRR’ film crew, he was acting without looking back. His is a very important role in this movie. He will be appearing on screen right at the beginning of the film. Arun plays the role of one of the two heroes of the film. Ramcharan, jr. The film is starring NTR, Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan.

Director Rajamouli has just returned to Bangalore to release a song from the film. He said, ‘First of all, about my Kannada. Don’t speak so well. Secondly, now I am not giving any interview to anyone. So, you have to forgive me. The song ‘Janani ..’ is the soul of our RRR cinema. I have come to acquaint you with that spirit. The trailer will be released next month. Then we decided to make a grand pre-release event in Bangalore. Ram Charan, Ju. There will be a whole team including NTR, Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt. I am only talking about the song ‘Janani ..’ from our movie. There is an emotion in this song. I can do nothing without emotion .. ‘

Why did NTR appear in the get-up of a Muslim in ‘RRR’? Here’s the answer!

Arun Sagar

Rajamouli keeping an eye on the New Year; ‘RRR’ Movie Release Date Changed Again!
‘RRR’ will be dubbed into English, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish and Spanish, which will be released in Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil and Hindi. The film is being produced by DVV Danayya and is composed by MM Keeravani. The film, which is being made in a budget of Rs 400 crore, is rumored to be in the business of Rs 900 crore before its release. 325 crores from the digital and satellite rights of RRR!

RRR Cinema Program in Karnataka

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