Regina: What’s up, a lot of guys have a lot of stamina; Adavi Shesh returns to Regina

Did the trolls leave the actress Regina Cassandra (Regina Cassandra) standing on the stage and mocking the boys? No way chance. That’s why actor Adivi Shesh has also given Regina’s death on the big stage.

What was the double meaning joke that Regina told?

Speaking at an event of the movie ‘Sakini Dhakini’ directed by Sudhir Verma, Regina said, Regina Cassandra, who is busy, said, “Men are like magi.. they are ready in two minutes”. Regina Cassandra was asked a lot of questions by netizens who compared men’s sexual prowess to Maggie. Regina was asked by some that how do you know the sexual potential of men if you are not married. Hearing this joke of Regina Cassandra, Nivedita Thomas, who was sitting next to her, laughed out loud.

Regina talks about men’s sexuality

There was a lot of discussion that Regina spoke on stage about male sexuality without thinking ahead. Now Advi Shesh of ‘Major’ movie fame has spoken about this issue.

Men are like Maggi.. in 2 minutes! Regina trolled by telling a double meaning joke

Regina steps on the footpath shesh
The movie ‘Sakini Dhakini’ will release on September 16. Actor Advi Shesh was also present at the event of this film. Adavi Shesh and Regina were also on the same stage. Adivi Sesh who spoke to Regina at that time said, “I said something, men bring Maggi, they can wait for 2 minutes. Tell me what is the matter. Many people have told me that I have more stamina. This is just a joke. Let the movie win.”

As soon as Adivi hears Shesh’s words, initially Regina’s face turns like a monkey that has eaten mangoes. Then Regina laughed too.

Kannada ‘Suryakanti’ movie actress said to swipe for nude photo!

What’s in the movie?
The online story of the movie ‘Sakini Dhakini’ is about how two students in the police academy track down a human trafficking gang. The film is inspired by the story of the Korean movie ‘Midnight Runners’ released in 2017. This Korean film had two leads. Now there are two heroines in the movie ‘Sakini Dhakini’. Overall, we have to wait and see whether it will be like the original movie or not.

Regina also acted in Kannada

In 2005, Regina Cassandra was a girl from Chennai. Currently active in Tamil and Telugu films, Regina entered the film industry with the film Kanda Naal Mudhal. Since then, Regina has acted as the heroine in many star actors’ movies and has also acted in Kannada. Regina acted in Chetan’s movie ‘Suryakanti’ of ‘Aa Daggi’ fame. After that, Regina never turned towards Kannada.

Telugu Tamil Movies

‘Saukyam’, ‘Shaurya’, ‘Nirnayam’, ‘Power’, ‘Shankara’, ‘Mr Chandramouli’, ‘Ra Ra Krishnaiah’, ‘Evaru’, ‘Chakra’, ‘Thalaivi’

Movies to be released

Regina has also acted in ‘Karungaapiyam’, ‘Soorpanagai’, ‘Nena Na’, ‘Borrder’ and those films are yet to be released.

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