raymo movie teaser: Ishaan & Ashika Ranganath teaser release of duo ‘ramo’ – ishan ashika ranganath starrer raymo movie teaser released


  • Teaser release of ‘Remo’ starring Ishaan and Ashika Ranganath
  • It is produced by CR Manohar and directed by Pawan Wodeyar
  • Remo film featuring musical romantic love story

Ishaan And Ashika Ranganath Duo ‘Remo‘The teaser release ceremony of the film was held recently. C. R. Produced by Manohar, the movie is directed by Pawan Wodeyar. It is a musical romantic love story film and the film crew is planning to release it soon. ‘I would like to say that my film does not pseudo your expectations. Thank you to the artists who have lovingly embraced the characters I wrote, the technicians who contributed to the beautiful visual I composed, and to Manohar, the producer who gave Sath, “Director Pawan Wodeyar.

Ishaan is a hero
“Ours is a family. Ishaan is my uncle’s son. Everyone who came to our house called Ishaan a hero. Ishaan Hero owns ‘Rogue’ Then Pawan Wodeyar told the story of the film. Loved it. I have seen the cinema. Great. The film is well-groomed with the perseverance of the entire film crew. Thank you to all the dignitaries who have come to love the event, ”CR Manohar said.

There is no doubt the film will win
“I met Pawan Wodeyar in Dubai. Then we talked about this movie. Then the film’s Journey began. Thank you to my older brother Manohar. He and my other brother c. R. I am a lover of Gopi’s love. The film is very well directed by Pawan Wodeyar. Performance by all artists including Ashika Ranganath, music by Arjun Janya and photography by Vaidhi. “There is no doubt that the film will win,” said Ishaan.

‘Googly’ by Pawan Wodeyar
“Those who saw the teaser of the film say that yours and Ishaan’s pair are very good. You have appeared as Mohana. Thanks to the producer and director for giving me the opportunity. May all be your encouragement, ”said heroine Ashika Ranganath. The film also stars Rajesh Nataranga and Sharanya Sharan. Apeksha Pawan Wodeyar has designed the film. Jairaj Chairperson of Karnataka Film Chamber, former President Ra. Govindu, Praveen Kumar, president of Producers Association and producers K. Manju and M.G. Ramamurthy, Umapati Srinivas Gowda, Umesh Banakar, A. Ganesh, M.N. Suresh, Anand Audio Shyam, Directors Yogaraj Bhatt, Harsha, Naganna, Vijay Kumar Konda and businessman CJ Many dignitaries, including Roy, arrived and requested good luck.

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