Ravi Mandya Death: ‘Mandya Ravi didn’t get a proper break’; Film industry mourns death of ‘Malulu Janaki’ actor

Ravi Prasad Mandya, who acted in the serials ‘Malulu Janaki’, Chitralekha, Minchu, Mukta Mukta, passed away due to jaundice. 43-year-old Ravi passed away today (September 14) at BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore. The film industry has expressed its condolences on Ravi’s demise.

Rohini Raghunandan

Even though we have known each other for many years, the bond that has been formed since last 5 months when you acted in the serial Ardhangi as Tu Nanga Thamman is unique. Discussing many things, scolding you when you don’t eat, praising your performance…and so on…now there are no words…my mind can’t accept that you are gone.

TN Sitaram

Daughter Janaki’s ‘Chandu Bhargi’ Ravi is dead. Still 42..talent enough for four births. Very shocking

Mandya Ravi: Ravi Prasad of ‘Malulu Janaki’ Chandu Bhargi fame passes away

By Kiran
I can’t digest such ideas, so I don’t even write them. But, I must say about him. Ravi does not know how he became such a close friend. As soon as he saw him, he spoke as if he had known him for hundreds of years. His voice was such that we felt the same.

Worked with him in a couple of serials. I was especially impressed by Chandu Bhargi’s acting. There will always be a lament that she did not get a chance to act with him in daughter Janaki.

He is definitely the only actor who has the power to express acting with his eyes. Including facial expressions. Also his voice is like garbage. No matter the role, the actor captivated the audience with his sheer acting.

The complete actor I have seen in recent times, be it theatre, cinema, serials. He was pretending to be engrossed.

All friends believe that Mandya Ravi did not get a proper break. That is also true. No matter how hard he tried, his talent was finished. Worked with the best directors of Kannada. He was the actor who could give the director whatever he wanted in one take.

If there is something to talk about other than acting, a dear friend, a sarcastic joker. Those who understood were happy. Those who did not know him as Mahaman Ghamandi. So even though he didn’t make many friends, he had millions of fans.

The long chat lists with him, the wacky WhatsApp chats, the words spoken for hours… all that remains in the memory means that something is happening.

The mind asks that all this is a lie to spend time with him again, talk and act together. But we have to believe that God has called us. That’s it…

Mandya Ravi: ‘Mallu Janaki’ fame actor Mandya Ravi’s condition is critical

As a king
He and I were the famous artists in college while doing LLB. When one of us came on stage, there was no escape from the crowd. I’m just kidding, he’s a bit of a serious artist.

When I was working as an AST in the serial Elli Jarito Manasu in the early days of my cine journey, Achan came to play an important role in it and the moment the two met was indescribable. On top of that, he used to call me often and ask him to give me a chance in your movie, my friend. I also wanted to cast him in the next films, but unfortunately he is not with us now. Nam Mandya Ravi is a real artist who has really got a lot of talent but has disappeared without opportunities. Go come friend miss you lot Om Shanti

Actor Vijay Chandra
Shocked and saddened to hear the news of Mandya Ravi’s demise. Even though I acted in few scenes with him, I cannot forget the friendly moments spent with him. Although I was younger than them in age and experience, they behaved like their peers. Even though he was frantically coming and going to the shoot every day, his discipline of arriving on time and his love for work is a great and exemplary lesson for actors like us. Go ahead sir

Rupa Gururaj

Recently, when my role with Mandya Ravi in ​​the film “Marali Manasadayi” was announced, I was cold hands and feet. The cry is that it is possible to act together with such a great person.

When I saw him for the first time in the workshop, his friendly personality and amazing performance left the team speechless. His gentlemanly behavior and eloquent performance throughout the first schedule of the shoot of “Marali Manasadayi” came the gut-wrenching news while he was getting ready for the next shoot….

Ravi sir, we feel so sad to see artists like you on screen, to see them so closely and to be with them for a few days. What is the pace of your family? What is the pace of your huge fan base? May God give everyone the strength to bear the pain…..Om Shanti

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