Rashmika Mandanna: Rashmika Mandanara’s ‘Srivalli’ role in ‘Pushpa 2’

There was talk that Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna would not be playing Srivalli in the movie ‘Pushpa 2’. Many expressed their dismay that Srivalli did not play a role. But producer Y Ravi Shankar has said that all this is a lie.

What is the clarification given by the producers?
Pushpa The Rule is titled ‘Pushpa 2’. Producer Ravi Shankar said: “Shrivalli’s role is no more. I am not talking about it.

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What was said about the character of Srivalli?
Srivalli role played by Rashmika in Pushpa 2 does not have any scope. Srivalli’s character is hardly connected to the main story. So to put the scissors to the role of Srivalli, the Sukumar team has planned. There will be scenes of trafficking of thieves. It will be shooting on a large scale. It was heard that Srivalli’s character was given a tragic end.

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What is the story of ‘Pushpa 2’ characters?
Fahad Fossil, who appeared on the screen for a few minutes in ‘Pushpa’ Part 1, this time has an apt scope. Anusuya Bharadwaj has a full-fledged role in Part 2. Kannada actor Dhananjay played Jolly Reddy in ‘Pushpa’. It is not yet known how important they are to the character in Part 2. Who is in the movie ‘Pushpa 2’? Who and what is so important to the film should be seen.

The film ‘Pushpa 2’ is likely to be released in April 2023. The first part of the flower was a huge hit and made a box office appearance. Thus, Part 2 is intrigued by how it comes to being.

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