Rana Movie: ‘Jogi’ Prem Sath for Shreyas & Reeshma Nanaiya starrer ‘Rana’

Producer K. The movie ‘Rana’ starring Manju’s son Shreyas and ‘Ek Love Ya’ actress Reeshma Nanaiah is all set for release. The film team has already claimed to release the movie across the state on November 11. Meanwhile, the film team has released a song from the movie. It is special that this song was released by ‘Jogi’ Prem.

Chandan Shetty composed the music for this song and wrote the lyrics himself. This song is sung by Anirudh Shastri and Aditi Sagar. ‘Jogi’ Prem, who released the song, said, ‘This song has come out very well. Both Shreyas and Reeshma Nanaiah have danced well. Chandan Shetty’s music is beautiful. Anirudh Shastri and Aditi Sagar’s vocals are melodious. He wished this film directed by Nanda Kishore to be a huge success.

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I remember Vishnuvardhan sir and Appu sir who inspired me first. Chandan Shetty has written lyrics that are close to everyone’s heart. Music has been given equally well. Anirudh Shastri and Aditi Sagar’s wonderful vocals add to the beauty of the song. Reeshma Nanaiah is a good dancer. Choreographer Imran Master and cinematographer Shekhar Chandra have done well. I have done a lot of preparation and acting for this film. The film will hit the screens on November 11. Thanks to Prem for releasing the song and producer Purushottam and director Nandakishore for giving the opportunity,’ said Shreyas, the hero of the film.

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The film has come out well. This song is also strong. This song, written by music director Chandan Shetty, is attracting everyone’s attention, said the heroine of the film, Reishma Nanaiah. Thanks to Prem sir for releasing the song. The film is ready to hit the screens. We have made a good film with all the team. Give encouragement’ said director Nandakishore.

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I am doing a film by Gujjal Purushottam. He said you should be together. After knowing that my son is a hero, I told him that for the film to turn out well, the director should listen to what he said. ‘Rana’ is a family film. There is a story about people who came from the village to the city and settled. Nandakishore’s direction, Chandan Shetty’s music direction, everyone’s work is good. Thanks to Prem who came all the way from Mumbai to release this song,’ said K. Manju. Producer Gujjal Purushottam has financed this movie.

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