Ramya, Rakshita, Radhika will shine in the movie ‘Triple Riding’ starring ‘Golden Star Ganesh’.

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Many years ago, there was a time when there was a durbar of actresses named ‘R’ in Sandalwood. Ramya, Rakshita, and Radhika are the three actresses who are believed to be the success story of the movies, and accordingly, there were many examples of the films of these triple R actresses winning. Now Ramya, Rakshita, Radhika will be charming in the movie ‘Triple Riding’ starring Golden Star Ganesh!

Yes, these three actresses are not appearing in this movie. Instead, the three heroines in this film, Rachana Inder, Megha Shetty, Aditi Prabhudeva will shine on screen as Ramya, Rakshita, Radhika!

The director of the movie ‘Triple Riding’, which is already making a big noise through the song and trailer, Mahesh thought of giving good names to the three heroines of this film, but he chose the names of some famous Kannada stars. What is special is that there is also a character named Rashmika in the movie. In our movie, the roles of the three heroines are important and very funny. Everyone looks fresh on screen. The names Ramya, Radhika and Rakshita are popular in Kannada cinema and we have given the same names to the three heroines of this movie. Aditi will be seen as Ramya, Megha as Rakshita and Rachana Inder as Radhika. It is limited to name only. He has nothing to do with the characters of this movie,’ explained director Mahesh.

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The three leading actresses have already acted in many roles and in ‘Triple Riding’ they have appeared in roles which they have not played before. Aditi Prabhu Deva is seen as Sikkapatte Mod in this and her costume is also unique. Megha Shetty is a doctor and her character is very decent. Rachana Inder is a childish character. These three are like pillars for my story,’ he said.

Golden Star Ganesh will dance with three heroines in ‘Triple Riding’!

A solid response to the riding concept
The dance step competition held on Sunday by the Triple Riding film team received a great response. Around young men and women have taken a bike ride with hero Ganesh and heroines Megha Shetty and Rachana Inder. ‘Many people were in this competition. Only a few of them have got the opportunity to ride. I am happy to see the response of the people and I am confident that they will like this movie too,’ said the director.

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