Ramesh Aravind Birthday: This is the first time that a star actor has done this on his birthday!

Today is the birthday celebration of Ramesh Aravind, a famous actor, director and a wonderful speaker of Kannada film industry who inspires the youth. Ramesh Aravind is celebrating his 58th birthday today. Ramesh Aravind, who has been active in the film industry for the past 35 years, is receiving a flood of wishes through social media.

This is the first time..!
Have you ever seen a star actor openly share his phone number on social media? have you heard However, Ramesh Aravind has revealed his phone number. This is the first time that a celebrity has opened his phone number in front of everyone..!

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You can also call and make a wish!
Ramesh Arvind can be messaged on this number to directly wish and get feedback.

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Shivaji Surathkal 2 Teaser Released

On the occasion of actor Ramesh Aravind’s birthday, the teaser of the movie ‘Shivaji Suratkal 2 – The Mysterious Case of Mayavi’ was released today. In 2020, the movie ‘Shivaji Surathkal’ was released and received appreciation. Now the sequel of the movie ‘Shivaji Suratkal’ is coming.

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Ramesh Aravind as director
Ramesh Aravind acted in more than 140 movies. Ramesh Aravind acted in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu, Malayalam and Hindi movies. As an actor, Ramesh Aravind has given life to several roles in many hit movies and is also a successful director.

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Ramesh Arvind gave action cuts for the movies ‘Rama Shyam Bhama’, ‘Satyawan Savitri’, ‘Accident’, ‘Venkata in Sankata’, ‘Nammanna Don’, ‘Uttama Villain’, ‘Sundaranga Jaana’, ‘100’, ‘Paris Paris’. .

Hits like ‘Anuraga Sangam’, ‘Kapoorada Gombe’, ‘Nammura Mandara Huve’, ‘Amritavarshini’, ‘America America’, ‘Ulta Palta’, ‘Mungarina Minchu’, ‘Thutta Mutta’, ‘Aaptamitra’, ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ Ramesh Aravind acted in movies. Many of Ramesh Aravind’s movies have seen 100 days of release.

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