Rajinikanth & Shivanna in the same movie? ‘Beast’ director ready for big combinations!

‘Super star’ Rajinikanth’s ‘Anatheathe’ cinema was a big hit last year. Now Rajinikanth has taken up another cinema. This is his 169th movie and Sakhat has been making noise since the day the news came out. The film is being directed by ‘Beast’ director Nelson Dilip Kumar. Now a breaking news has been heard from this movie. That is, actor Shivrajkumar has been approached for an important role in the film. Official information on this is yet to be revealed.

The title is not yet a fix
The film, which is being produced by Sun Pictures, is not titled. The shooting is likely to begin by August. The selection of artists is currently being finalized. The film crew approached Shivrajkumar for an important role in that background. Director Nelson will be coming to Bangalore as soon as possible to meet Sivaraj Kumar. Official information will be released later.

Dr. Rajinikanth Bonding with Raj family

Rajinikanth and Shivrajkumar starring together means that it is indeed a big feast for the fans. Because Rajinikanth is Kannada. They also have a huge fan base in Karnataka. Similarly Dr. Rajinikanth has a good association with the Rajkumar family. So if Shivrajkumar and Rajinikanth starred together in the same cinema of the Raj family, what better idea would fans have? Fans are waiting for the official release of the news. If Shivanna and Rajinikanth open up together, the movie will get a big hype.

“I am acting in a web series produced by my daughter ..” – Actor Shivanna

As for director Nelson, he has already made a film with Beast, along with Commander Vijay. The film was a crushing defeat. Before that, he was sure to be filming with Rajinikanth. Because of the ‘Beast’ result, Rajinikanth’s film with Nelson was called Doutu. But now that it is a lie, it is almost certain that the Rajinikanth-Nelson combination film will be set.

Shivanna & Prabhu Deva Combination’s Pan India Cinema in the production of Rockline Venkatesh!

Shivanna’s ‘Bairagi’ will soon open. The shooting of his 125th film ‘Veda’ has gone furious. Shivrajkumar will be filming with Yogaraj Bhatt.

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