rajeet: Whenever there is a rape scene, he calls me and says ‘rape specialist’: actor Ranjeet – bollywood villain actor


  • Ranjith has acted in over 350 films
  • Ranjeet also worked as a director and producer
  • Ranjeet had a positive role in the serials
  • Actor Ranjith shared information about acting

Villain-villains are demonic in cinema and serial. It’s limited for the open. But it is tragic that some people see him as a villain in real life too. Similarly, over 350 films have been painted Bollywood Actor Ranjeet He was called a ‘rape specialist’.

Ranjit, the villain of the 70s

Ranjith played a villain in the 70s. Ranjit has been seen in all these scenes of rape, murder, extortion, fraud. Ranjit has been seen as a rapist in movies. In TV serials, he wore a positive character. Recently, she shared with the media how she made her appearance in cinema.

Rajni was horrified when I was asked: Kishore

Ranjeet’s family, bored of playing a villain
In those days, cinema was a habit of listening to the story before it was accepted. Ranjit never said script should change. There was also no problem with the casting of the villain. However, Ranjit’s family, though initially bored of playing the villain, later found comfort in the profession.

Ranjeet was calling for any rape scene

“My future should be like this. I was never a planner. I accepted what was coming to me. Has said.

Anoop Hero in heels

Ranjith was planning to return to Delhi when the first film was unsuccessful
By accident, Ranjith has worked with a lot of star actors. He plans to go from Mumbai to Delhi again when the first cinema fails. Sanjay Dutt Along with Ranjeet. After getting a chance to act in ‘Reshma Aura Shera’, Ranjeet got a chance to act in a one-on-one movie.

Actor Ranjit was formerly known as Gopal Bedi. Ranjith has acted in films like ‘Houseful’, ‘Tian’, ‘Dil Diya Hai’ and ‘Bombay to Goa’. He has also painted in a lot of serials. Ranjeet has also been recognized as a director and producer.

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