Raj Shetty, who is serious about emergency exit: This is a new kind of character

Harish Basavaraj
An Egg Story, Garuda Focus starring actor Raj B. Begum in Sandalwood, through the Taurus films. Shetty has appeared in a new role in ‘Emergency Exit’ cinema and has spoken about her role in the film.

Actor, director and writer Raj B.B. Shetty played a very special role. “I got a role while exploring roles,” said Raj B. Said Shetty.

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“I played a cab driver in this movie. He is borrowing more than he needs and is also struggling to put in diesel. He often wondered why he was living in such a time. The total description of my character is what life would give him at the time. The film’s offer came to me at the time I finished ‘One Egg Story’. Hemant Kumar asked me if I could have a role like that in a time when there were more comedic roles. I am happy, ”said Raj B. Shetty.

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“Hemant sent me a script when I got this film offer. Monologue it. They found it and made a choice. I was in search of new roles like this instead of accepting the same roles at the time. Why would anyone not accept it when someone approaches this particular character. In addition, many people think that I am very comedy. But I’m a little bit serious. That’s all my characters should be. I always like to experiment. Cinema is a powerful medium to experiment with. In that regard, this cinema looks particularly good to me. This is the team that showed the artist inside me in a different way, ”Raj said.

‘Only one who loves death can love life. It is impossible to stand in the distance and see life. The whole idea of ​​this cinema is to experience it in close proximity. Hemant said it very well through his role as Vikram and me, ”said Raj B Shetty.

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After Garuda’s attention, Raj has not accepted any other film. They are waiting for a different role to be played.

A director should not be seen in the same roles. You can’t find a new kind of actor. After the egg story, Hemant gave the role, believing that I could play such a serious role. This is a new kind of character, says Raj B. Shetty.

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