Puneeth Rajkumar used to come early to the sets, so many times it embarrassed us: Avinash

Puneeth Rajkumar (Puneeth Rajkumar) has been with us for a year. Woot Select platform is presenting ‘Appu Sininamana’ through his super hit movies. Puneeth’s six super hit movies are a. Released on Woot Select on 28th. Now ‘Appu’, ‘Abhi’, ‘Aakash’, ‘Namma Basava’, ‘Maurya’, ‘Ajay’ movies are available to watch on Woot Select.

Woot Select Puneeth Rajkumar has also been highly praised for giving cinema attention through his films. Appu’s co-star also reminisced about his association with Puneeth. Through this unique experiences, Appu’s different personality has been revealed.

Veteran actor Avinash also liked ‘Appu Sini Namana’ and spoke fondly about Appu. Out of six movies, ‘Appu’, ‘Namma Basava’ and ‘Aakash’ shared the screen with Avinash and Puneeth in three of them.

Intelligent Star: Avinash
Avinash likes ‘Appu is an intelligent star’. He felt that way during the shooting of the movie ‘Aakash’. He recalled those days thus:

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JP Bangalore Akash’s movie was shot for several days in a house in the city. There is a fight scene in the house in that movie. Its time to shoot. Ram Shetty was a fight master. There was a situation where the bed fell down from the floor. Then Dad called me and said, ‘Avinash, please don’t jump like that. Don’t take the risk. Tell me not,’ he said. I said the same. Later that scene was done by Kishore. Such was the respect and care that Appu had for senior artists.

Punctuality is the quality that I liked the most in my father. He used to come and leave the shooting at the right time. He used to come before me many times. Many times we were ashamed of ourselves. That dedication isn’t there, it’s amazing. Akash acted very casually in the movie. Appu’s performance seems to be the main reason why that movie became a hit. There was wit in his character. The conversation was the same. People liked the way Appu said it. Appu is an intelligent hero. A kind of cynicism, sarcasm was expressed very naturally. That’s how Akash became a successful movie

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Everyone’s Affordable Star: Vaijnath Biradar

Vaijanath Biradar, who has acted in hundreds of movies, and who came to national attention with the movie ‘Kanasembo Kudreyaneri’ directed by Girisha Kasaravalli, is the epitome of simplicity for Vaijanath Biradar. Biradar shared the screen with Appu in the movie ‘Abhi’.

Appreciating ‘Appu Sininamana’, he said, ‘Abhi’ was the first film I did with Appu. He did not treat anyone as if he was small and I was big. Be it a lightboy, a caterer, a support actor or anyone, they would come and hug with love and say ‘Hello, how are you?’ They were talking. An artist accepted by the people of Karnataka does not mix with everyone, it does not come with everyone. I said, ‘Hello Sir’ means, ‘Master, don’t be my sir, Puneet. I have seen so many of your roles and enjoyed them.’

Today the entire Karnataka people remember him fondly. There is no saying that they are not. He has done a lot of charity, helping poor children, disabled children, school children. Wealth is with everyone. The wisdom of how we should use it is very great. Appu had it.

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Appu Means Hugs: Sundar Raj
Veteran actor Sundar Raj has been associated with Appu since before he was introduced on screen as a hero. The hug instantly reminded him of a warm hug. He got that hug during the shooting of the movie ‘Appu’.

‘I remember many occasions spent with Appu Andakshana. Appu means hug. The first film I worked with Appu was ‘Appu’. I used to go to Appu’s house when he was still a teenager. Then he was roaming around the house in Young Look. It was nice to see them.

When I went to shoot for the movie ‘Appu’, a man suddenly came on the set and blindfolded me. If you turn around and see who is Appu! ‘Uncle, I’ spoke. I was stunned. To this day, I have never forgotten that Dad came and hugged me and spoke to me with love. That’s why Appu still means that warm hug to me’, Sunder Raj recalled

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