Puneeth rajkumar: ‘The pain of not being upset is always on the mind, I have to live with the ara’ – Shivanna – shivarajkumar


  • Shivrajkumar couple visiting Mysore
  • Shivanna watching ‘Bajrangi 2’ with Fans at Woodland Theater
  • Shivanna & Geeta having a discussion at the Shaktidham

‘Hatrick Hero’ Shivrajkumar Visit Woodland Theater in Mysore on Friday (Nov. 26) with fans.Bajrangi 2‘Watched the movie. Puneet Rajkumar Shivrajkumar paid homage to his portrait. Fans shouted at Puneeth Rajkumar and actor Sivanna. Actor Shivanna then watched the movie ‘Bajrangi 2’ with his fans.

‘Appu is a beautiful soul. He is still suffering from pain. He told me to keep him alive by doing good work. Fans should not lose courage. Everyone must demonstrate solidarity to prevent piracy. There has been talk about dubbing for James Cinema. See if there is a voice that matches the hug. If there is no one I will give. My voice has never matched my love, ”Shivanna said.

Even in the pain of Appu, he mingled with his fans and watched cinema. The film ‘Bajrangi 2’ has been well received. After ‘Bajrangi’ and ‘Vajrakaya’, actor Sivarajkumar and director A. Sivaraj Kumar were present. Harsha reunited for ‘Bajrangi 2’. Through this film, another fantasy world has been revealed in front of an excited audience. Mantra-Tantra, Dhanvantari, Reincarnation, etc., have tried to convey these ideas through cinema. Actor Puneet Raj Kumar died the same day the film was released. Even though his widening month is filling, the pain of his loss still haunts everyone.

Actress Priyamani visits Puneeth Rajkumar’s home; Comfort for family members

Shivanna visited Shaktidham
After the death of actor Puneet Rajkumar, actor Shivrajkumar and his wife Geeta visited the Mysore powerhouse for the first time and inquired about the welfare of children there. A meeting of trustees was held under the chairmanship of the Trust, Geeta Shivraj Kumar. The meeting was attended by Trust Officers including Trust Vice President, Retired IPS Officer Kempiah, Managing Trustee Jayadev and Treasurer Sumana. Actor Puneet Rajkumar was a big help to Shaktidham.

Puneeth Rajkumar: ‘I am in pain, do not repeatedly hurt’ – Actor Shivrajkumar

Sivaraj Kumar: I had no interest in acting.

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