puneeth rajkumar: puneeth rajkumar ophthalmology: insertion of two eyes through surgery – puneeth rajkumar s eyes transplanted to 2 visually impaired through surgery


  • Puneet Rajkumar is the light of the dark
  • Appu donated eyes as a father-mother
  • Appu applauds their eyes

The father is the son of Dr. Rajkumar Puneet Rajkumar Had also been an ophthalmologist. His eyes were donated after the untimely death of Puneet Rajkumar. Puneet Rajkumar’s eyes are fixed on the blind of the two. Puneet Rajkumar is a newcomer to both of them.

Successful surgery
Puneet Rajkumar’s eyes were fixed on two blind men at Narayana Nethralaya. Puneet Rajkumar’s eye surgery on the blind was successful.

Puneet Rajkumar’s funeral at father’s mother’s home

Appu in death
Dr Rajkumar, who believed in what he called ‘eye-opening’, donated his eyes and became a model for society. Dr. Rajkumar’s wife Parvathamma Rajkumar also donated eyes after her death. Puneet Rajkumar’s eyes were also donated as he passed on his father’s path.

‘Prince’ Puneet Rajkumar in the soil; Just remember that million dollar laugh!
Fans who followed Dr. Rajron
Dr. Rajkumar agreed to ophthalmology in 1994. At the same time that the ophthalmic bank was established. Dr. Rajkumar, who inaugurated the Eye Bank, has agreed to donate his eyes after death. Similarly, Dr. Rajkumar donated his eyes after he left the world. Many people followed Dr. Rajkumar’s move and donated their eyes.

Son as father-mother: ‘Dodmane lamp’ for the blind
165 ophthalmic resolution
With the inspiration of Puneet Rajkumar in Channarayapatnam, 165 people have opted for eye surgery. The camp, organized by the Yallamma Devi Yuvak Sangh, was signed by 165 people, including local legislator CN Balakrishna and Vidhan Sabha member MA Gopalaswamy.

Puneet had no minor health problems: Dr Ramana Rao stunned by sudden death
Appu is immortal
Puneet Rajkumar, who was an eye-opener as a father and mother, is a model for society. Though physically extinguished by Puneet Rajkumar, ‘Dodmane lamp’, the two are alive by lighting up the blind.

Funeral at the Concert Studio
The funeral of Puneeth Rajkumar was held this morning in the studio of Kantirava, near the grave of his father Dr. Rajkumar and mother Parvathamma Rajkumar. The final rites were performed by Vinay Rajkumar, son of Raghavendra Rajkumar. Puneeth Rajkumar’s funeral took place amidst the grief of his family and mourners.

Shivanna says she has lost her son
” It’s hard to say no. Very young. God hurriedly made me feel like bitna. I feel like I have gone somewhere. He’s 13 years younger than me. I was the one who lifted him up. I am so sad that I lost my son. ”

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