Puneeth rajkumar eye transplant: National Award-winning film ‘Akshi’ with Puneet Rajkumar is a special treat – akshi


  • ‘Akshay’
  • ‘Akshi’ has won the National Award
  • With this film, Puneet had a special treat

Thousands of people donate their eyesight after the death of ‘Power Star’ Puneet Rajkumar. Now, as a coincidence, the importance of ophthalmology in KannadaEyThe film has already been nominated for the Best Regional Film of the Year 2019. Director Manoj Kumar talks about the film and Puneeth.

“Before Akshi Cinema came to prominence, we met Puneeth and told him about the film. He was very happy and wanted to see the cinema. The teaser was also released by PRK Studio. Very fond of its songs. He had also seen the cinema. I met him 10 days before he was lost. Then he said, ‘Get ready for the movie release. I will speak later. ‘ But we lost him in the meantime, ”says Manoj.

The film tells the story of how a 12-year-old boy pretends to be a hero in the village and fights for his sister. ‘Too many people donate eyes. However, it is not uncommon for doctors to get their eye when they are dead. This work is very important. It is the responsibility of the householder. “It is in the cinema how a boy is aware of this,” he said.

‘Your mother’s role is Madtini ..’

Manoj sharing information about a special song of the film, said, “Kannayukku said … Let me live. Don’t burn me. Don’t burn in the dust.” It is sung by Mansa Hosolla and the band. Another song is sung by SP Balasubramanian. ” This is Manoj’s first film to work in cinema for many years. It stars Govinde Gowda, Ila Whitla, Master Mithun and Balanti Souma of fame.

Actress Yamuna Srinidhi

Now, this is just the actor who has lost all of us Puneet Rajkumar Their eyes have been donated. It is special that 10 people are able to see with their eyes. Also, there are thousands of registered eye transplants statewide.

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