puneeth rajkumar biopic: will u come back puneeth rajkumar biopic? What did Santosh Anandram say? – director santhosh ananddram tweets about puneeth rajkumars biopic


  • Appu died on Aug. 29 after a heart attack
  • Puneeth Rajkumar is still a fan of separation
  • Santosh Anandram tweeted about Puneeth Biopic

‘Power Star’ Puneet Rajkumar They are 23 days from today. Yet none of them feel that way. No one is going to get out of their pain. Thousands of people still visit his grave every day in the studio. Fans are reacting every day, every day. Even now, the film industry has not come out of pain. Meanwhile, a news has been heard about Puneeth Rajkumar’s biopic. Director Santosh Anandram is the reason behind the news.

Appu Biopic Modtara Santosh?
Director Santosh Anandram had a question on Twitter recently. ‘Santosh Anandram sir … Make a biopic about Appu sir. You have seen them closely. You have seen their love and values ​​… please do .. ‘ For this Santosh Anandram Has responded. “I will try my best to bring this idea to the screen.”

Appu Fans Support
Appu fans have been supportive of such talks on Twitter. ‘Our biography of our prince Appu is in the minds of Kannada, in cinematic form. You take time out of responsibility and make wonderful cinema. If a fan commented, ‘Dear fans, you will always be with us ..’ Another said, ‘Dear Directors, as a true Appu Sir fan, please ask me, please make a good song for Appu Sir on his birthday. Appu sir, let him offer it .. ‘

“Send me my man and call him. Please don’t ..”

Santosh, who did two movies with Puneeth
As the fan said, Puneet along with Santosh Anandram had a good relationship. Santhosh had made a big break for his career by making films like ‘Prince’. The pair then made the film ‘Yuvaratna’. Santosh was always seen as a brother. Next year, Puneet, Santosh and producer Vijay are to announce the third cinema in the Kirgandur Combination. However, the ritual was different. On October 29, Puneet Rajkumar left the world with a heart attack.

Actress Yamuna Srinidhi

Refreshment I am responsible for the 1800 children that Appu Sir was educating- actor Vishal

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