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There was only one TV for the whole town. There was only one channel. That’s television. Other than that excitement … curiosity about those programs, prayer for the power of prayer, rising impatience when advertising … throwing the bag immediately after school, enjoying the serenity of the whole town, various information programs … Dooradarshana is a glimpse into the beautiful journey of these old memories of your life.

Title Teaser Release
The title teaser of the television cinema has been unveiled since the beginning with its varied plot. It is a beautiful village. A hill, hill, greenery, a small dot with nothing and everything. Drama, hurricane, bhajans, volleyball, etc. Entertaining television. The title teaser, which includes so many elements, is appealing to viewers.

Sugarless: Prithvi Ambar starrer ‘Sugarless’ is a sweet treat for producers even before the release!

For Sukesh, this is his debut movie
How small a TV between the coast and the Western Ghats will have an impact. Director Sukesh Shetty has made great strides to make viewers relive a number of current events. For Sukesh, this is his debut film and he had previously worked as a dialogue writer, writer and assistant director. He has been promoted to independent director through this film.

Rachel David, pairing up with Pramod: It’s a new kind of character!

Prithvi Ambar, Ayana
Prithvi Ambaar, the Mangalore genius who won the audience with ‘Diya’ cinema, has acted in the television cinema with Prithvi Ambaar as the lead actor. Ugram Manju, Sundar Veena as the main character, Harini, Deepak Rai Paanaje, Raghu Ramanakoppa, Tiger Karthik, Suraj Mangalore, Surya Kundapur and many other star cinema.

Rajesh Bhatt has produced the film which has already completed shooting and Ugram Manju is responsible as the executive producer.

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