Promoting cinema on the road, rude language in front of the narrator; Vishwak Sen is the last actor to confess

Actor Vishwak Sen, who is already facing controversy by promoting cinema by frankly on the road, is facing another controversy in the media with the use of F .. sound.

What was in the viral video?
A fan is lying in front of Vishwak Sen’s car. The fan then threatens to risk something using petrol. Arjun Kumar is not married, so the fan threatens to commit suicide. (Ashoka Vanamlow starring Vishwak Sen is releasing on May 6 in Arjuna Kalyanam and Vishwak plays Arjun.)

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What happened between narrator, Vishwak Sen?
Many have questioned how right it is to walk on the road that cinema should promote. Lawyer Arun Kumar has filed a complaint against the actor. The media invited Vishwak Sen to his office to discuss the matter. The narrator was questioning this.

What question did the narrator really ask? There is no information on what Vishwak Sen said. But the one-and-a-half minute commentator’s video is currently going viral on social media.

Vishwak Sen told the narrator, “Don’t call me Pagal Sen, depressed person. Hold your tongue.” The narrator then told Vishvak, “Go out of my studio.” At the same time Vishwak Sen has used F .. sound. This talk has caused a lot of outrage. This use of the word by a female narrator is called an insult to the female clan. So Vishwak Sen has also apologized.

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Who is that fan?
Some are even speaking on behalf of Vishwak Sen. It is difficult for viewers to come to the theater to see small films in between the big budget movies. Some people think that this kind of propaganda will attract the attention of the people. Somebody needs to know about that fan anymore. That fan name is Laxman. Neither KGB 2, ‘Beast’, ‘Acharya’ release, cries, shouts, screams come to the theater and tell the movie review. And that’s all he does in front of the camera. Now, with the help of the film crew, Frank made the video.

Vishwak Sen has acted in ‘Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam’ and the movie is slated for release on May 6.
Ram Gopal Verma shared the video of Vishwak Sen and the narrator saying, “I have never seen a woman who looks more strangled than a boy. The name of the narrator is Devi Nagavalli.

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