PRK Banner’s ‘Man of the Match’ Trailer Release; This is the story of Appu

PRK Productions was started by Puneet Rajkumar with the clear intention of promoting new films and encouraging content cinema. He came up with movies. But his untimely death came as a shock. Although they are not with us, the task of making their dreams come true is ongoing. A story he admired took the form of a film and is ready for release. Yes, the ‘Man of the Match’ movie, set for Puneet Rajkumar’s PRK banner, will premiere on Amazon Prime on May 5. The film’s release trailer has also been launched against that background.

What kind of story?
The director is auditioning for his upcoming movie ‘Man of the Match’. When people agree to be part of a project, they are given different scenarios to act on. Then the conflict between them begins and the story goes where the story goes. Actor Nataraj S from Rama Rama Ray fame is playing the director. Bhatt handled it. Dharmanna Kadur has been cast as the producer.

This is the story of Puneet Rajkumar
‘This cinema is close to my heart. One day I was talking to Puneet sir. It was the first lockdown ever. I shared the story of ‘Man of the Match’ with them. Puneet liked him immediately. ‘It’s a great idea,’ he said. At the same time, it is difficult to film. But, he said, “we have to take such new steps and build a new generation of cinema.” This is how the movie started, ”said D. Satya says Prakash.

Satyaprakash is the director of ‘Man of the Match’ who brought the comedy story

‘I thought our cinema would like the audience. It has amazing punch dialogues, fascinating story and humor. Also, there is something that is thought-provoking. I am happy that the cinema is being released in prime video.

Puneeth Rajkumar: Here is an update on PRK Productions’ new cinema
‘This cinema has a unique concept. Also, has a team of attractive artists. And award-winning director D. This cinema got me even more intrigued by the fact that Satya Prakash is directing it. The experience of shooting this movie was unique. I quickly adapted to my character and story. Performance and approach to the new scene was challenging for me. The audiences that we experienced during the making of Man of the Match are also experienced and they like it, ”says actor Nataraj S. Says Bhat.

Amazon Prime honors Puneet Rajkumar Free coverage of Appu Cinemas
Veena Sunder, Sundar, Atharva Prakash and Vasuki Vaibhav are the main actors along with Nataraj and Dharmanna. The film has music by Vasuki Vaibhav.

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Video: Man Of The Match Of Truth Remember, there is no cricket match here!