Priyanka Upendra: Fans gave actress Priyanka Upendra a new title

It has been 21 years since actress Priyanka Upendra entered the Kannada film industry. Dr. Actress Priyanka Upendra entered Sandalwood by acting in Vishnuvardhan starrer Kotigobba. Apart from Kannada, Priyanka has also acted in Odia, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages. Now her fans have given Priyanka Upendra a title. Yes, Priyanka Upendra has been given the title of ‘Abhinaya Apsare’.

Title in the movie ‘Miss Nandini’

Priyanka Upendra starrer ‘Ms. He acted in the movie Nandini. The trailer of the film ‘Miss Nandini’, which has been completed at present, has been released. This time the trailer is titled as ‘Abhinaya Apsare’. Thanking the fans for this love, Priyanka Upendra said, ‘I am happy with this title given by you. To all my fans who love me, ‘Ms. Thanks to the film team of Nandini..’ he said.

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Here is information about Priyanka Upendra’s movie journey
Priyanka Upendra, who entered the color world with an Odia language film that opened in 1994, has since acted in Bengali, Hindi and Telugu language films. Dr. in Kannada. Kotigobba with Vishnuvardhan, H2O with Upendra, Rowdy Aliya with Shivarajkumar, Malla with Ravichandran. These are popular movies Priyanka Upendra acted in Kannada. ‘

Priyanka from Miss Nandinia: Upendra’s wife as a school teacher
Priyanka, who is married to actor Upendra, took a break from the film industry for some time. Produced the movie ‘Uppi 2’ directed by Upendra. The movie ‘Mommy’ gave Priyanka a big comeback. After that, Priyanka acted in Devaki, Second Half, 1980 movies. He currently has five or six movies in his hands.

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‘Ms. She appeared as a teacher in the movie ‘Nandini’ and the whole movie is about education. It is directed by Guru Dutt and produced by Neelkanthaswamy.KP. Along with Priyanka Upendra, veteran actress Bhavya, Danny Kuttappa, ‘Sidlingu’ Sridhar, Appanna, Anmol etc have acted.

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