Prithvi Ambar as Khadak Police Officer; This movie is inspired by real events

Harish Basavaraj
It is only when actors accept new types of roles from film to film that the true artist within them comes out. Similarly, ‘Diya’ fame actor Prithvi Ambar has now accepted a realistic story film in which he will play a Khadak police officer. He was limited to feel good and love story movies and will shine as a tough cop in this movie.

‘Matsyagandha’ based on real story
Prithvi Ambar has acted in four or five movies so far, out of which ‘Sugarless’ and ‘Bairagi’ have been released. In both of them, he played the lead comedy role. Now he will act in the movie ‘Matsyagandha’, in which he is a police officer.

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‘Matsyagandha’ is a different movie in my career. Devraj, who had directed the movie ‘Kinare’, is the director of this movie. The story of this movie takes place in Honnavara, Kumta district of Uttara Kannada district. With a very realistic story, this movie cannot be called mass. Sandalwood’s talented actor Gopalakrishna Deshpande is acting alongside me’ said Prithvi Ambar.

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Corporal punishment begins
‘This is the first time I am doing corporal punishment because I am playing the role of a policeman. Many of my friends are working in the police department and I have met and talked to them. Since this is a realistic movie, you have to pretend to be close to people. I am preparing for that’ is Prithvi’s words.

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Prithvi has currently finished shooting for the movie ‘Doordarshan’ and has also acted in the Marathi remake of the movie ‘Diya’. The Marathi remake of Diya has done very well. He said that ‘Doordarshan’ movie also has a special story and maybe this movie will be released in 2023. Actor Prashant Siddhi is composing the music for the first time for the movie ‘Matsyagandha’ and he is also playing an important role in the movie.

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Lately I’ve been getting new types of roles. I am also looking forward to different roles without getting stuck into the same pattern. I tried something like that in the movie ‘Matsyagandha’.
– Prithvi Ambar, actor

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