Pratap Simha: Govt should start Chitranagari development work in Mysore: Vasishtha Simha appeals to Pratap Simha

Vasishta N Simha, the actor of ‘Kanchina Kantha’, who arrived in Mysore, met Pratap Simha, a member of the Mysore Kodagu Lok Sabha and requested the government to start the development work of Chitranagari (Filmcity) in Mysore.

Establishment of factory industry
Actor Vasishtha Sinha said, “In view of the future development of Mysore, it is a matter of happiness that the development work is being done in a modern manner due to the concern of Daspatha Highway Road MP Pratap Sinha, so that hundreds of factories and industries will be established in Mysore and lakhs of people will get jobs.”

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A common man can also travel by air

“Trains connecting from Mysore to various places are useful for many people. Tens of years ago we saw only Mysore airport. Today Pratap Singh brought tens of flights to Mysore to travel in the airport. The airport has expanded and developed. Accordingly, Mysore Dussehra is coming to our Mysore. “Government should pay attention to artist’s home town Dussehra,” he said.

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Establishment of Chitranagari in Mysore
“Government has announced three-four years ago that Chitranagari will be established near Immavu in Mysore, so let the development work be started so that the artistes will get an opportunity to work in art education including acting direction and technical department,” he requested.

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On this occasion, MP Pratap Sinha, actor Vasishtha Sinha, director Karthik, Ajay Shastri, Vikram Iyengar, Lingaraju, Darshan, Muralidhar, Kaushal, Pradeep and others were present.

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