Prashanth Neel: Did that Urdu dialogue lead to deactivating director Prashanth Neel’s Twitter account?

Prashanth Neel: Did that Urdu dialogue lead to deactivating director Prashanth Neel’s Twitter account?
Prashanth Neel, the wizard of ‘KGF’ movies, director Prashanth Neel has deactivated his Twitter account. Yes, he was active on Twitter and kept informed about all things. He is currently busy with the movie ‘Salar’ and said goodbye to Twitter.

January 8 was rocking star Yash’s birthday. On that day, he had given an Urdu dialogue from the movie KGF as a caption to Yash’s photo and wished him.

“Falak ka dastur… khuda ka hukum… Aur ek Bhai ki dua hai… ki haatho ki lakiro ko bhi rukhsat kar.. rokne se bhi nahi rukegi… Tumhari ye sultanat. Happy birthday Boss,” Prashant Neel wished rocking star Yash on his birthday. .

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It took 8 years to make ‘KGF’ and ‘KGF 2’. Yash and Prashant Neel have been maintaining a good relationship for so many years. On this occasion, Prashant Neel had the gesture of greeting Yash by reciting a dialogue from the film ‘KGF’.

Prashant Neel’s tweet in Urdu has upset some people. Some people expressed their frustration that the greeting could have been conveyed in Kannada, and even used abusive words. Now Prashant Neel, after the movie ‘KGF 2’, he is doing a movie with foreign star actors including ‘Salar’ with Prabhas, a movie with Junior NTR, which has disappointed some people. From time to time, there are netizens who ask Prashant Neel to do a movie with Kannada actors on social media.

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After all these developments, it is surprising that Prashant Neel has deactivated his Twitter account. Did Prashant come to this decision because he could not hear such abusive words? Or some are speculating that he did this to get more attention in the movie.

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Prashant Neel, who entered Sandalwood with the movie ‘Ugram’ along with Sreemurali, made a genuine Kannada film called ‘KGF’ and made other language cinemas turn to Kannada. Now he is making movies with South Indian star actors, meeting top actors of Indian cinema. Curious about how he is going to make a movie in the coming days.

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