Pranitha Subhash: Actress Pranitha Subhash shared a photo with a cute name for her daughter

Multilingual actress Pranitha Subhash gave birth to a cute baby girl just a few days ago. Husband Nitin Raju and Praneetha Subhash are overjoyed to welcome a baby girl. But neither the baby’s photo nor the baby’s name was revealed by Pranita. Now she has shared the baby’s name and photo on her Instagram.

Pranitha named her daughter Arna

Pranitha named her cute daughter Arna. Pranitha, who shared Arna’s photo on Instagram, claimed, ‘Introducing Arna..’ By the way, in the month of May 2021, Pranita Subhash stepped on the septapadi along with businessman Nitin Raju.

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All the best for Arna

Pranitha Subhash and Nitin Raju’s Love Come Arranged Marriage. Love blossomed between Pranita Subhash and Nitin Raju who were long time friends. Pranitha Subhash and Nitin Raju got married with the consent of the family members. On her husband’s 34th birthday, actress Pranitha Subhash revealed that she is going to be a mother, saying that a little member will arrive in her house. Now the daughter has been introduced to everyone. Everyone is wishing Arna.

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Pranitha was talking about her mother
By the way, Pranitha’s mother is a gynecologist. So, Pranitha shared this post about that too. ‘The last few days have been special. Especially since the day a girl child is born is very special. I was really lucky to have a mother who was a gynecologist. However, it was a very difficult time for my mother emotionally. Fortunately, my delivery went smoothly with Dr. Sunil Eshwar and his team at Aster RV.

Pranitha Subhash: Actress Pranitha Subhash gave birth to a baby girl
My thanks to Dr. Subbu and his team. Because of them, I experienced less pain during my delivery process. I am waiting to share this story of my birth with all of you’ wrote Pranitha.

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