Prakash Raj to back Sai Pallavi The actor said ‘before humanity ..’

Actress Sai Pallavi has been trending for a week now. The reason is the only statement he made. Sai Pallavi, speaking during the promotional film ‘Virata Parvam’, has shown how ‘Kashmiri Pandits were assassinated’ in ‘The Kashmir Files’. If you consider this to be a religious conflict, there is an incident where a Muslim driver who was carrying bows recently was assaulted and forced to say, ‘Jai Sri Ram ..’ What is the difference between the two? ‘ This caused quite a lot of controversy. Some had heard that it was wrong to compare both events. There have been pro and Sai Pallavi protests. Multilingual actor Prakash Raj has now supported Sai Pallavi.

Prakash Raj who re-tweeted Sai’s tweet
His statement was controversial, and was clarified by video. She tweeted the video, and she was adamant about the statement. Actor Prakash Raj has now re-tweeted that tweet. “Before humanity .. We are with you Sai Pallavi ..” Prakash Raj said.

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Prakash Raj had a cameo appearance in Sai Pallavi starrer ‘Adheeran’. Similarly, Prakash Raj and Sai Pallavi played the father-daughter role in the anthology film ‘Paa Kathaigal’. Vetrimaran had directed it.

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What is the explanation given by Sai Pallavi?
When her statement took the form of controversy, actress Sai Pallavi immediately shared a video of the issue. ‘This is the first time I’ve been thinking twice, before I can directly say what I had in mind. Because it is possible to misinterpret my words. In a recent interview, I was asked the question, ‘Do you support the right or support the left?’ Then I said, ‘Neutral.’ I have said before that we should be good human beings with human values ​​and protect those who are oppressed. That is what I intend to say, ”Sai Pallavi said.

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