Prajwal Devaraj played the role of a policeman in the new movie starring Meghana Raj

Actress Meghana Raj Sarja is active in the film industry again. Recently, his acting movie ‘Selfie Mummy Google Dad’ opened and received good response. Before that, the shooting of his movie ‘Buddhivanta 2’ also went on in full swing. In the meantime, he also took a break from the film industry. Meghna, who is currently active in the color world, had accepted a film produced by Pannag Bharan. Now there is an update from that movie. Along with Meghana, Prajwal Devaraj has also painted in this yet-to-be-titled movie.

Prajwal, a police officer
Prajwal Devaraj was seen as a police officer in the movie ‘Inspector Vikram’ which was released last year. Prajwal also has the role of a police officer in the currently shooting movie ‘Mafia’. Now Prajwal Devaraj has played the role of a police officer in the new movie starring Meghna. This is a crime thriller movie, Prajwal’s shooting has already been completed. Vishal is directing this movie.

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Pannag Bharan, who previously directed the films French Biryani and Happy New Year, is a producer through this film. Vasuki Vaibhav is composing music for this movie. What is the title of the film? Information about the cast of the film is yet to be revealed.

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Meghana Raj, who shared information about this film, said, ‘I got this film as a surprise. When I heard the story first, I didn’t know that I was being offered. I thought Pannaga was asking my advice for making a new film. When I heard the story, I was hooked. I was in the dungeon for a while. Then Pannaga said that you should make this movie and then it was said that Chirune is making it. Chiru and my friends were with us in all our happy and painful situations. I have never played the role of this movie anywhere. It is very good’, he shared the information.

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Now, when it comes to Prajwal Devaraj’s movie, he is very busy. ‘Veeram’ directed by Khader Kumar and K. Prajwal Devaraj acted in Ram Narayan’s ‘Abbara’ movies. Both these movies are ready for release. Besides, Prajwal has also painted in the movies ‘Mafia’ directed by Lohit and ‘Gana’ directed by Hariprasad Jakka. The shooting of those movies has gone on in full swing.

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